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World War One and Howard Taylor's Birthday?

Now there's a connection I wouldn't have thought of off-hand. See, I was poking around looking at the adoption of the Gregorian calendar (not chants - the scheme we use for months and such, which put today as Feb. 29). That's tied to Howard's birthday, since he celebrates his natal festivities today.

The adoption of this calendar in some countries was largely due to World War I (Ref:, so in some sense, Howard's birthday depended on that conflict. Which probably explains Schlock Mercenary. So next time, lift a cup to World War I for bringing us this fine webcomic (

Oh - Britain and the US adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752, jumping from Sept. 2 to Sept. 14. So an amusing bit could be having your intrepid timetravellers try to jump to Sept. 9, 1752, and having the AI refuse :-) Your time-gap may vary, depending on your country?

Happy Birthday, Howard!
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