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Driverless? Or Driver PLUS?


There is an oddity. Apparently people are using the term "driverless" for automated cars, and most people are very nervous about that term. The aids -- automated braking, collision avoidance, lane tracking, and so forth -- they are very happy with, even eager to buy, but the whole package with that name on it, no.

Personally, I think I would change the name. Call it driver plus, and go ahead and add all the bits and pieces, including automated driving as a way to help the driver by removing the boring, tedious, repetitive bits and pieces. Emphasize the safety, emphasize letting the driver relax and enjoy the ride. Don't talk about removing the driver, do talk about letting them make the important decisions, where to go, which alternatives to take, where to stop along the way, while the car does the grunt work of controlling speed, watching for other cars, staying on track and so forth.

Heck, you could do a John Henry contest. Have a driver plus car take on a regular driver, with the question of who gets there and is well rested, ready to party? Do you really want to spend your entire trip making those tedious small decisions or would you rather make the big decisions and leave the minute-to-minute driving to the car?
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